orange tour 2022

A One Day Ministry Training Event for 

Leaders and Volunteers

Leading Humans


Thank you for joining us this year on Orange Tour 2022.

We hope to see you in Atlanta at Orange Conference 2023, and back on the road Fall 2023 for Orange Tour. 

Leading Humans


Tension isn’t a problem—it’s an opportunity. 

How we lead human kids, human teenagers, human parents, and human volunteers in the real tensions they live in will require better conversations, deeper relationships, kinder attitudes, and healthier teams.

It will require us to lean into a “both/and” mindset rather than an “either/or” mindset.

An “and” mindset will change how you . . . 
— Create experiences people don’t want to miss
— Engage parents to be spiritual leaders
— Evaluate if your ministry is working
— Build a culture where volunteers feel valued
— Lead the next generation to have an everyday faith
— Transition your church to what’s next.

Maybe if we learn to lead in the tension, it will help kids and teenagers keep living, creating, loving, believing, growing, and serving in the tension.

Because when they do, they’ll develop a different kind of faith—
a resilient and everyday faith.

Train your Volunteers with Phase-Specific Content.

Equip your volunteers to understand the basics of The Phase Project—child development combined with faith formation for the specific age group they work with—with these breakouts led by engaging ministry experts at every city: 
— How to Lead Human Preschoolers
— How to Lead Human Kids
— How to Lead Human Teenagers

Unpack New Parent Ministry Research. 

Most families in your community are not anti-faith—they are actually looking for a version of faith that will shape their children’s sense of worth and purpose. At Orange Tour, we’ll reveal some of the latest findings on what human parents are really looking for, and discover how you can re-imagine the way every leader and volunteer can partner with parents in the decade ahead. 

Create Better Experiences for Kids and Teenagers.

Research indicates that young people are still looking for physical spaces to show up and be with other humans. Now, like never before, we have to re-think our physical experiences so kids and teenagers will want to attend.

Why bring my team to Orange Tour?

Retain your Best Volunteers.

Invest in those who invest in the next generation with an encouraging experience combined with practical concepts they can implement THIS Sunday—because your volunteers have the most important role on the planet.

Align your Leadership Team.

The conversations, breakouts, and messages will be a catalyst for the important discussions your team needs to contextualize an intentional approach.

Create an Intentional Experience.

When you bring your team to Orange Tour you walk away with not only a shared experience but also a common language and renewed sense of importance in your ministry strategy.

Hear from leading ministry voices

Every message will inspire and re-energize your team for an incredible year of ministry. 

reggie joiner
kristen ivy
leslie mack
carlos whittaker
kellen moore
jon acuff
kara powell
trey mcknight
Joseph Sojourner
Shane Sanchez
Katie Moore
Mike Clear

More speakers announcing soon. Not all speakers will be at every location.

Not to late to join us at OC23!


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