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A One Day Training Event for Ministry Leaders and Volunteers

What's Orange Tour?

Orange Tour brings leading-edge live family ministry training to local communities—introducing fresh ideas and powerful conversations that your team won’t be able to stop talking about. 


Play Video
Meet leaders in your area
Get practical with breakouts
Have fun with your team


Go from big room vision to practical application during two content packed breakout sessions

Building an Everyday Faith with Kids

We have less than forty hours this year to influence the faith of the kids in our ministries. So, if we want to help the kids in our ministries grow in their faith, first, we need to ask some important questions. What do we want the kids in our ministries to grow up believing? What core truths do we want kids to remember today, tomorrow, and ten years from now? In this breakout, we’ll unpack the nine theological insights we believe are foundational to a resilient faith and how they should show up in our programming at every age.

Building an Everyday Faith with Students​

Sports, holidays, and social events, oh my! Let’s be honest: students are showing up to our programs less than forty hours a year. So with limited time, how do we prioritize what matters most? And, how do we help them build a theological framework that can withstand the doubts, questions, and rethinking that happens at this stage? In this breakout, we’ll unpack the nine insights we believe are foundational to a resilient faith and how they should show up in our messaging, our programming and teenager's everyday lives.

Leading Kids of Tomorrow​

Goodbye, Gen Z–and welcome Gen Alpha! We all want to influence the faith of the next generation, but who exactly is the next generation? What makes this generation different from the last? Join us to learn more about what’s changing about kids and preteens, what isn’t changing, and how we can leverage the distinct developmental opportunities to influence their faith and future.

Leading Teenagers of Tomorrow​

Baggy pants are in. Side parts are out. Filters are okay, but don’t forget to Be Real. Teenage culture changes FAST. So as we say goodbye to GenZ and welcome GenAlpha in our ministries, it’s important to get to know them and what matters to them all over again. Join us to learn more about what’s changing, what isn’t, and how we can leverage distinct developmental opportunities and a changing culture to influence teenagers’ faith and future.

Keep Faith alive in the Next Generation

When we prioritize a kid’s Faith tomorrow, we do some things differently today. In each session and breakout, we’ll dive into the practical ways we can lead the next generation toward a lifelong Faith in Jesus.

Tomorrow's ministry looks different

We all know ministry is changing, but what the future looks like is different in each city. So gather with leaders near you who love the next generation to dream about tomorrow together.

Develop tomorrow-minded teams

Orange Tour is designed for your whole team. From volunteers to church staff and even your board of elders! You’ll leave with an aligned vision to keep faith alive in the next generation.

2023 Theme


If we look around — it seems like a lot of leaders are going through a season in ministry and in the personal lives that is more dramatic, more polarized, more painful, and more uncertain than ever before. Every generation – every people group seems to be struggling with how to navigate issues and what handles to hold on to.

We actually believe the statement “See You Tomorrow” can be reimagined as a promise we make to each other and to a generation … a promise that we are not going anywhere …
Tomorrow we will still be here
Tomorrow we will keep talking
Tomorrow we will keep imagining
Tomorrow we will try again – and forgive again
Tomorrow we will take another shot at building a better world
Because Tomorrow God’s love will start over
And we know God’s mercy is new every morning

We hope after this event you and your team never hear the phrase “See you tomorrow” the same way again.

Who is Orange Tour For?

It’s a training for every volunteer small group leader, pizza passer-outer, and human who cares for kids & students.

Entire Ministry Teams

We’re bringing the unforgettable live training experience to a city near you. It’s designed for volunteers, staff, small group leaders, and parents.

Kid & Youth Ministry Leaders

We’re helping you exchange burnout for new energy when you take the time to refill, hear new ideas, and remember your why. 

Small Group Leaders, Volunteers, & Parents

You’ll find practical insight and training that will help you create a bigger impact in the lives of you kids and teenagers.

What Leaders are Saying

Orange Tour was entertaining, engaging, and thought-provoking. Keep up the good fight. God is using you!”
Tara Stenger, Detroit
I took several of my volunteers this year and it was so eye-opening for them to hear the vision from the actual humans that are writing their curriculum.
Thank you for providing relevant information for ministry leaders. Orange Tour leaned into some hard truths and challenged leaders in how we continue to do ministry. Woke me up, thank you!
Orange inspired me to be a better leader and to do more with the church. Orange Tour ignited a new fire within me and helped me understand that I CAN do more.
Danielle Jones, Chicago
Alexis Gentry, Indianapolis
Matthew Schutter, Austin
I loved Orange Conference Digital! I even made new friends! Thank you so very much for not forgetting those who couldn’t attend in person and giving us the same opportunities as those that could.
Clint Entinger, Family Ministries Director
Orange Conference was transformational! My senior pastor loved it and so did our family ministries director. We learned a lot and are ready to go!
Amanda Cates, Director of Children's Ministries
I can't make it in person every year. I love that there is a digital experience that allows me to attend it more often. I am really encouraged and feel like God spoke into my situation throughout the whole conference. Thank you so much for everything you do!
Angie Dewey, Children’s Ministry Director
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April 26 - 28, 2023 : Gas South Arena : Atlanta, Georgia