orange tour 2022

A One Day Training Event for Leaders and Volunteers

What we do next matters more than it ever has.

We can’t simply return to normal. Now is the time to return to the reason why Jesus showed up in the first place. Now is the time to rebuild trust with a generation that has become disillusioned. Now is the time to revive the hope that Jesus offers humanity.

So, let’s do that together.

Align Your Team

When you bring your team to Orange Tour you walk away with not only a shared experience, but also a common language and renewed sense of importance in your ministry strategy. The conversations, breakouts, and messages will be a catalyst for the important discussions your team needs to contextualize an intentional approach.

Network with Innovators

Orange Tour’s size and schedule makes it the perfect opportunity for you to connect personally with the leaders you most want to meet. This year’s tour will feature several Breakouts that provide a chance for you to get practical answers and engage in Q&As with the newest thought leaders in the ministry space.

Reimagine the future of the church

From big picture table talk conversations to practical Q&As, Orange Tour is a chance to learn the newest innovative approaches to engaging our communities and shaping the future of the church.

Why bring my team to Orange Tour?

Proximity changes everything.

When you are in a room with each other, it changes how you advocate for each other.

A generation is watching.

There are kids, teenagers, and families looking for a version of church that is kinder, more empathetic, and genuinely interested in the questions humans are asking.

Your personal faith matters.

During a time when so many leaders are emotionally and spiritually exhausted, we believe it is crucial to spend time together and encourage each other.

Hear from leading ministry voices

Every message will inspire and re-energize your team for an incredible year of ministry. 

reggie joiner
kristen ivy
leslie mack
carlos whittaker
kellen moore
jon acuff
kara powell
trey mcknight

More speakers announcing soon. Not all speakers will be at every location.

Register on June 9th
For the one day price of $68

On June 10th, pricing goes up to $89 per ticket.


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