Are you ready to be human again?

Be kind. Be resilient. Be courageous. Be compassionate. Be generous.

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This last season of life has left an indelible mark on all of us.

We’re more aware than ever before that there’s a fragility to our humanity.

Today many of us are more . . . insulated, cautious, skeptical, afraid, and reluctant than we were only a few years ago.

There’s an impulse to withdraw into the safest places we can find

and forfeit the life we were designed to live.

The only problem with that logic is:

we are human.

We are complex beings whose very existence holds immense contradiction. We are made in the image of God – and
deeply flawed. We are
redeemed for life – and destined to die.

As complex as we are
being human is a remarkable thing.

Remember . . .

When God became human, it wasn’t to prove God’s divinity.

That could have happened from a distance.

What if, Jesus became human to prove the worth of humanity?

Think about what Jesus did.

Jesus became human.

He invited humans to see themselves the way God saw them.

Jesus’ birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection

proved there was incredible worth in humanity.

Jesus anchored our faith to a God who was not distant.

When Jesus showed up in a culture that was struggling with political unrest, racial division, and religious abuse, He disrupted the system.

Jesus filled a hurting and skeptical world with hope.

Many of Jesus’ recorded teachings demonstrate how

He appealed to the image of God in every human.
He instructed humans on how they should treat humans.
Jesus re-prioritized Love.

Everything Jesus said and did then is still true now.

This generation desperately needs a demonstration of faith, church, leadership and community that is human – and that embraces their humanity – like Jesus did.

So, what would it look like to keep leading with that end in mind?

What if we embraced both the teachings of Jesus,

and the words of Paul when he named what it means to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit lived out in our human lives?

What if we demonstrated how to be:


Orange Conference 2022 is an invitation to gather in a way we have never before. Whether you are joining us live in Atlanta, Ga
or online through OC Digital

Every voice, song, message, breakout, and resource will be challenge us to reimagine what we do as the humans that embody the Church.

This Orange Conference you can


with leaders who are doing what you do


with diverse thinkers so you can see what you don’t see


what has been normal, and return to what is more human.

We’ve learned that when you share an experience WITH each other,
it changes how you advocate FOR each other.

What we do next matters more than it ever has.

We can’t simply return to normal.

Now is the time to return to the reason why Jesus showed up in the first place.

Now is the time to rebuild trust with a generation who has become disillusioned.

Now is the time to revive the hope that Jesus offers humanity.

So, let’s do that together.

Now is the time to BE a little more HUMAN.